Philosophies: 11 ideas in my work

  1. Having your own Architect: as a small design studio, the Architect whose name is on the door is the same one who will sketch with you, design your Home, stand before your Design Review Board, brainstorm with your Contractor at site meetings, and celebrate your project with you when complete.
  2. Designing from the Inside-out: with over 20 years of Architecture experience including a handful of years in Interior Design offices, I've learned that while most Architects can design an attractive Home from the outside, your Home needs to work from the inside supporting how you live, so I design from the inside-out and compose from the outside-in.
  3. A client-based home: As a Home Owner, you have specific goals, influences, values, styles and expectations. And though my work may be influenced by my experience, knowledge, skills, and imagination, I realize that this is your Home and not a declaration of my ego.
  4. The site-specific house: each site is as unique as its Owner, with its terrain, views, landscape, wildlife, and contexts - large + small. When we respect the opportunities your Site offers, we can discover a Home that is not sitting upon the land, but growing from it or floating above it.
  5. Art in Architecture: though influenced by many factors, when creativity meets opportunity, Art can be revealed in form, function, or flow: sometimes in the combination of colors, materials, shadows, + light on forms,  through effective usefulness, or traveling through your spaces.
  6. A Home with Options: I'll ask many questions as I get to know you and your goals for your Home, and your expectations may be different now than they are in your future, so designing for options will allow you to enjoy your Home over time, whether this is your first home or forever home.
  7. Design collaboration: to simplify a complicated process, we may take a multi-disciplinary approach that encourages teammates to participate in the design process to help your Home evolve. This includes the Owner, Contractor, Interior Designer, Landscape Architect, Engineers, + many skilled craftsman.
  8. Regionalism: by interpreting the region of your site, education + experience will help me understand + evaluate the context for your home so that I can discover a design that fits you + your site.
  9. A word on sustainability, Yes: In an effort to provide a more sustainable Home, we'll discuss use of local or reclaimed materials, cost-effective design solutions, low-waste construction practices, eco-sensitivity, limited travel, being smarter, maintaining well, heating less, or thinking off the grid.
  10. Living in a 3D world: Architecture in my profession has grown from drafting table and wood models, through 2D Computer Aided Design (CAD), to 3D virtual modeling. This is an exciting time to practice Architecture - let's use the tools we have to help the next decade of creative Homes.
  11. Value of good design: though Architecture can be Artful in form, function and flow, at the heart of this philosophy is understanding and appreciating the Value of a well-designed Home. Your home is an investment in the quality of  your life.

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